Sunday, July 31, 2011

Training and Ramadan

Ramadan starts Monday 1 August and I have heard that here on Cocos all exercise stops. Although I haven't developed an exercise program around Ramadan this year (I am working on something for next year: pre, during and post Ramadan), it is possible to exercise.

Some points:

  • Retain muscle mass and avoid putting on fat

  • Exercise late in the day, about an hour or two before sunset, so that you can replenish your body

  • Work on maintaining strength and flexibility

  • Work on any remedial exercises to correct imbalances

  • Work at a lower level than you would normally (reduce number of sets, or number of reps, or the weight you would normally lift)

  • Eat well, keep a healthy balance in your night-time and pre-dawn meals

  • Eat calorie (energy) rich food to make sure you eat enough

  • Nap during the day to alleviate fatigue

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