Monday, December 19, 2011

Keeping trim over the holiday season

Yes you can enjoy great food over the holidays.
Travel, dinner parties, picnics and holiday feasts are all opportunities to try new foods, savour your favourites and indulge a little.
Fill your plate a third full of meats, nuts and cheeses; a third with bread, pasta and rice and; a third of fruit and vegetables. Choose a variety of colours as you're building up your festive plate, enjoy the visual display, the aromas, the tastes and textures of the food you've chosen. One plate will be more than enough so you don't need to have seconds!
If you're having a special drink, whether it's alcohol or a soft drink, have just one or two and sip slowly to make them last - fill a glass with ice then pour your favourite soft drink over it; indulge in a boutique beer; sip on a fancy umbrella cocktail; buy the best bottle of wine. When you get thirsty, have a glass of water.
Get outdoors and active with friends and family - backyard cricket, frisbees, go for a walk, kick a ball around, play tag or stuck in the mud or leapfrog.
Get a good night's sleep to let those fat burning hormones kick in and to recharge your body so you can do it all again the next day.
The holidays are a great time to enjoy a variety of food, be active and get plenty of rest.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Coconut Water - the new health drink?

Word has reached Cocos that coconut water is the new health drink fad.
Here on Cocos we have 5 distinct varieties of coconut, kelapa puyu being the most popular coconut for drinking (it's the orangy-yellow one). I personally like the low growing green ones because you can pick them when they're very green and the water has a fizz to it. Pictured are kelapa gading and kelapa puyu.
I drink water from one coconut a day, well most days, mostly from the palms that drop the coconuts into my front yard. It's wonderfully sweet and best of all it's free!

Another health fad we've heard about is the noni fruit. Good to help get rid of colds and flu. Great if you can cope with the texture and taste and all the seeds in them.

Probably the best foods to eat and drink for health are the ones that are grown locally and naturally - at least you know they're fresh.